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Fred is an easy to fill, easy to stash pocket flask giving you the freedom to drink what you want anytime, anywhere.

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Fred is your new best friend.

Fred is your durable, puncture-resistant, tasteless and odour-proof personal pocket flask, and is 100% BPA Free, reusable and recyclable.

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Made from durable, puncture-resistant, tasteless, and odour-proof polyester, Fred is 100% BPA, reusable and recyclable.

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Fred, Man Of The People

I'm a pretty cheap guy, and when I realised I would save about $50 on the average night out, I was in.  Stashed it in my jacket pocket.  No Dramas.

Chris - Certified Fred Head (and a cheap bastard)

Honestly some of the best money I've ever spent. Has saved me HOURS of lining up every time I go to a festival.

Adam, Certifed Fred Head (clearly thinks time is money)

I'm not smart enough to work out how much cash I have saved over the years, but I owe it all to Fred. My hero.

Klara, Certified Fred Head (not good with numbers)

Couldn't tell you how many pocket flasks I've had pinched by security in my years, and I thought my days of sneaking in drinks were done until I came across Fred Flasks. Now its business as usual.

Rob, Certified Fred Head (and life-long rebel)

Me and my friends take it in turns on who buys the Freds each time we go out. One time I even blew one up and used it as a pillow. That was a rough night.

Jasmin, Certified Fred Head (and probably should have just called a cab)

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