Game day drinking doesn’t have to start and end at tailgating

Ever been in the carpark with your buddies and your truck, playing cornhole or beanbag toss or chugging a big fuck-off beer bong, and suddenly get that sick FOMO feeling when you notice everyone reluctantly leaving for the game? I mean, you know deep down, right at the bottom of your heart, that you’d rather be out here smashing PBR’s and sweet talking that smoking Tri Delta blonde then in the bleachers needing to piss and wishing you had more drinks for the rest of this three hour game.

If American movies have taught Australian’s one thing, it’s that college is all about the alcohol- induced good times and finding the love of your life... right at the end of your senior year after hooking up with hundreds of fellow young and wild college students. And since none of you have come up with a commercially viable way to find a solution to this desperate need of post-tailgating blues, Freddy has stepped in to take your glory and fill your glory holes with as much alcohol as you can carry, in a secure and secretive way. Is this too flirty?

Like the fat kid from Project X who ended up on Bang Bros, we’ve been exciting Australian college kids for the past year by providing them a safe and secure method of smuggling alcohol into events to avoid outrageous drink prices. For any yanks that have studied abroad downunder you’ll understand what I’m talking about, meeting up with Bev (having a few beverages in a licensed establishment) can suck you dry. To get around this, we’ve created a highly flexible, slightly sexual (great product packaging), and very instagrammable flask to hold 8 shots of your favourite drink.

Fred fights for freedom of choice, and that means not letting someone else charge you for an innocent session on the turps. With Freddy in your pocket, you can drink anywhere, anytime.

Freddy Flasks have arrived in MURICA and are now being delivered in 5 days, to celebrate we are offering all US orders 10 Freddys for $25 with FREE SHIPPING. Even if you're a wee bit curious, decide on Freddy for yourself by ordering a few of these bad boys [here].

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  • Always remember - say no to overpriced drinks and have a drink with Fred instead ?

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