Spenders for Splendour go wild: Freddy flask in 2000+ potential festival hands this year!

Spenders for Splendour go wild: Freddy flask in 2000+ potential festival hands this year!

[image credit: http://www.fasterlouder.com.au/news/43377/The-wildest-punters-of-Splendour- In-The-Grass-2015 ]

To all of you who packed Freddy in your luggage for the ride to Splendour this year, here's an official SPANK YOU for getting our man out and about.

We had a record number of purchases (2000+ flasks sold) in the fortnight leading up to Splendour 2015, with people taking the hint from our blog post 'how to pack Freddy on your persons' and getting frisky by gumbooting, jocking, and even uddering dear old Fred (that last technique is copywrite too, motherfuckers).

But let's be honest, why wouldn't you invite the man?

When it's the second festival day of rough living and you're pushing through to see Flight Facilities crack on in an hour, the last thing you want is lining up for 58 minutes - getting 2 mid strength drinks - then get stuck at the back of the crowd.

Fuck. That!

You want to be front and centre, feeling the dew and sweat of a thousand crazy kids cutting shapes and double fisting to Crave You - with the drinks already taken care of.

Or you want to be this guy:

For all those who brought Freddy along for the ride this Splendour, heres a big Cheers from us. We hope you avoided the cops and got as loose as the Pedestrian presenter in this video that already sounds half-munted while playing 'never have I ever' with randoms on the grass.

We hope you had your arse followed by a camera as you ran through the crowd topless screaming Bitch Dont Kill My Vibe:

And we hope you ended up so smashed your face looked like this year’s event logo- I mean really, what the fuck is that meant to be?

Cheers yall, and dont forget to bring Freddy Flasks along to the next fest with your buds you know hell come in handy.

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How many flasks do you and your crew need?