As one of Australia's major festivals is quickly approaching, for those attending we didn't want to leave you having to pay $10+ for a drink, after already forking out hundreds of dollars for the ticket alone.

Freddy's all about saving you money, so for the next 3 days (ends midnight on Wednesday) we're giving you Express shipping for only $5 - This costs us $10 alone, that's how bad we want to help you save your hard earned pennies.

If you choose to take us up on this offer, we guarantee your new favourite drinking buddy will arrive within 2 business days.

Need some extra motivation? Click here to see how old mate Freddy saved a crew of 7 dudes a total of over $1650 at a festival earlier this year.

Worried about getting caught? Here's 6 discreet places to hide your Freddy.

And if you're still on the fence? Nothing tastes as good as your freedom. Right?

Thank me later.