5 countries with liquor prices cheaper than yours!

Start drooling like a Labrador and spending like its payday when the clock hits happy hour? Wherever your local is in the world, it is guaranteed somewhere else is selling their firewater for less. Here are countries with liquor prices that are so dirt-cheap a Fred Flasks only use is as a blow up pillow. You'll be changing your occupation to 'illegal alien' and throwing your wallet at their bartenders. 

1. Spain: Sangria
Running with the Bulls this year? Bravado will get you to the destination, but Sangria is what will get your scared little jelly legs moving when those horns get too close for comfort. This sweet red wine is engrained in Spanish culture and such a part of any celebration you should expect to get as much of it on your clothes as in your mouth. For 1 euro a litre, no ones complaining, just don’t drink so much you become this guy...

2. Laos: Lao-lao whiskey
With a resurgence in backpackers travelling to this third world country for some third degree tubing hangovers, you're lucky if you leave town without tasting this rough stuff. Lao-Lao is a rice whiskey with 40-45% alcohol served in glass, plastic sprite bottles, and even plastic bags. If you're on the lookout for some, trek to 'whiskey town' near Luang Prabang serving up the best variety of unregulated backyard alcohol money can buy... or just hit the bars on the river - it's usually free. At 6000 kip a bottle (.75cents US), expect this to be the fuel for many more episodes of gringos in trouble on 'Banged Up Abroad.'

3. Russia: Vodka
The Russian saying 'sunshine in the stomach" is a positive outlook on Its national drink and drinking problem. When estimates came out that the average Russian stud drank 18L of pure alcohol per year, the government doubled the minimum price of Vodka to 89 roubles in 2015. Now, before we start throwing shit into the fan, this price is equal to £2 or roughly $3.50 AUS. That's more than a loaf of bread in most western countries. One loaf of bread, cut or uncut. So while you're carb loading on a sandwich, sitting at your desk reading this blog post- one Russian is filling his tummy with sunshine. Who's the real winner here?

4. Mexico: Tequila

When Freddy thinks Mexico, he thinks tacos, sombreros, bikinis, Zorro and world class tequila all rolled up into one crazy CanCun party video. Finding an insect at the bottom of your drink in Australia would usually make you chuck it, but these burrito-builders simply screw on a lid and slap on a price. For around 100 pesos ($8 AUS), you'll find a 700ml bottle with worms and scorpions as an added ingredient to this already ballsy drink. So before paying $9 for another Cuervo shot and a limp piece of lemon in Sydney, pack your shit and get on board the 'Tequila Express' - a real tourist train stopping at great drinking spots all over the Mexican countryside.

5. Thailand- Buckets

Somehow that dumb plastic bucket you lost at the beach as a kid has washed up on the shores of Thailand and is now being put to better use. Every month the Thai island of Koh Samui attracts backpackers and travellers the world over for a Full Moon Party that no one will clearly remember. Apart from other substances that Freddy doesn’t condone, the memory gap is mainly caused by the buckets of alcohol and energy served on ice for 200 baht. That’s $6 USD. The classic bucket mix is a 300ml SangSom rum bottle (40%), M150 energy drink (Red Bull on steroids) and a Coke can sold in a bucket because they trust you enough to blend yourself. How thoughtful.

Unfortunately, most of us can't visit these places regularly if at all, so for those of you frequently held at the mercy of overpriced drinks, turn to Fred Flasks. Your new best friend on a night out.

For less that $3 a flask, you can fit 8 shots of your favourite booze in Fred. He's discreet, durable and a whole lot of fun. Use, abuse and reuse.

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