Free Product Baby! Claim a free Freddy Flask right now

Paying for shipping prices is always a bit of a bitch. It's the sneaky cost you’re slapped in the face with just after you've decided on what crap you're about to buy online.

It's that feeling you get when the 'sweet' lady at the sushi store wants an extra 20c for wasabi. The burn in your chest when you think you're flirting well with the bartender but they ruin it by saying it's a $10 minimum on card... and you're trying to buy one drink.

Being Freddy, I get that. And to be honest I can't do two shits about it, I live in beautiful suburban Melbourne and you probably live in your mums Gold Coast McMansion or in that shoebox apartment in NYC. But what I CAN do is cover the rest of the costs to make everything that little bit easier. I mean, all we’re trying to do is party right?

Now that the name of your favourite drinking vessel is officially Freddy Flasks (see reason for the name change here), we're having a 3-day bender and everyone's invited! CLAIM HERE.

If you've teetered on the fence about taking me for whirl, I'm giving you the opportunity to claim 1 Free Freddy Flask and only pay the $2.95 shipping fee.

That's right - free product baby. Freddy Flask’s have the ability to hold 8 shots of your favourite liquor and still stay flexible enough to get into your pants. Now how many of you’re friends can truly say that and mean it?

Freddy gives you the freedom of choice to enjoy what you want to drink, when you want it, in a no- spillage instagram-friendly funky flask. 

If you’re even a wee-bit curious in what Freddy is all about, and if you're reading our blog then you probably are, order yourself a Freddy Flask and judge the man for yourself.

If you party like any of our existing clientele, you won’t be disappointed. 

*Offer lasts from 18th of May to 21st of May. Shipping is $2.95. One Freddy per purchase order.