When Fred became Freddy

OK, so we've known each other for a while. We've partied together a couple of times, you've stalked me on Instagram and like most of the loose shit I post on Facebook. Basically, you like the way I roll.

The feeling is mutual, so I think we've reached that stage where I can call you mate and you call me your great old mate Freddy Flasks.

This has nothing to do with any schoolyard teasing against a beautiful man’s name like Fred. Nor does it have anything to do with an American water company threatening legal action and thousand-dollar bribes to change our name, which only a complete nark would do.

This has to do with new beginnings. New rowdy nights. New DIY beverage concoctions and brand-spanking-new product packaging.

2015 is another year of opportunity and I want photos of you and my 'Made in China' arse tattoo on an unforgettable (and cheap) night on the town. Pictures of us taking selfies in the bathroom, flipping the bird to security's back and travelling the damn world together.

Last year we showed alot of face at the big music events and house party's around the nation which caused a bit of a stir (link last blog post here). This year we're going global already concurring Coachella and SXSW and moving into hostels all over the US, so keep an eye out for the Freddy who fights for Freedom of choice.

Now that I finally feel we're close enough to let you call me Freddy Flasks, this is my official message to you saying "hey dude, hope you're having a great day. Call me anytime you wanna party and keen to see you soon".

Cheers friends,

Freddy Flasks